«Mamma er mann» – intro

Jeg har en politikk på ikke å skrive eller si noe offentlig om dattra mi. Hun er for liten til å kunne komme med innvendinger og kan seinere komme til å ha problemer med at jeg er trans. Likevel er trans-foreldreskap et så viktig tema at jeg ikke kan la være å skrive om det.

Jeg fant Kids of Trans Resource Guide i kveld og tok meg i å ønske at dattra mi kunne lese og forstå engelsk. Den anbefales til både foreldre og barn. Noen utvalgte sitater fra folk som har transforeldre:

“Transgender people aren’t freaks, they are our parents” .– Emma S., age 14

“ My father’s a woman who races cars in her free time, and she constantly
embarrasses men by knowing far more about high-performance engines
and independent suspension than they do” .– Jonathan F., age 24

“ I don’t wish the confusion and adjustment on anyone. I do wish that everyone
could know what it’s like to see a parent be truly happy for the FIrst time
in his/her life” .– Leslie Q., age 24

“It’s OK to have a transgender parent” .– Kite W., age 8

“My mom told me he was transgendered when I was 8, which was just before he switched.
The biggest challenge is other people’s reactions, and trying to explain the situation, or
avoid explaining it without actually lying” .– Elizabeth M., age 23

“Although my family structure is different I have parents that love me very
much and I am lucky enough to have all of them in my life” .– Cameron V., age 22

“Being trans doesn’t make them worse parents, it is just the reactions of others you have
to be careful of” .– Elizabeth M., age 23

“I love Lily…wish I met her a few years sooner. She is the best Dad ever!” – Colleen M., age 44

“Our family may not fIt your notions but that does not make us any less real and deserving
of inclusion and respect” .– Susana R., age 40

“I wish that bad people won’t try to kill the transgender mom just because they are
different from everybody else. I wish that it didn’t matter to other people that I have a
transgender mom” .– Matthew B, age 9

People treat men and women differently, so when they can’t determine someone’s gender, or when they think someone is violating the “rules” about gender, they don’t know how to interact with them.
Sometimes, this confusion leads to harassment or violence. Transphobia is a real threat to our families. When our parents are not safe, we are not safe. We depend on our parents to love us and provide for us. If they are unable to secure a job, be safe from violence, or be themselves, that impacts us as their children.

For å lese mine tanker om trans-foreldreskap må du ha passord. Legg igjen en kommentar her med e-postadresse, så får du passordet tilsendt.

9 tanker på “«Mamma er mann» – intro

  1. jag skulle gärna läsa vad du säger om föräldraskap, först nu jag själv börjat fundera kring det.

    du är en grym fighter jag önskar dig lycka på färden

  2. Hei! Flott blogg. Vil gjerne ha tilgang til å få lese det du skriver om foreldreskap, og også den engelsk bloggen din?
    Hilsen Bente

  3. Hei! Jeg leser bloggen din innimellom, og vil gjerne lese også det du skriver om foreldreskap 🙂

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