Tarald Stein (b.1977)  is a Norwegian author (poet) and transman (FTM).

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My first book of poems (2008) was named «Framandkar», and means Stranger. In Norwegian it’s gendered male. The book is a collection of poems about transitioning from female to male and are mostly based on my own experience. This was further explored in my second book, «Frikar» – meaning both «freak» and «free man». I write erotic short stories and some articles, as well as poems. In 2014 I published some of my erotic stories as an e-book titled «Sprik» (=spread) on my own.

I’ve got a master’s degree in literature. I was born in Oslo (the capital) and also lived there for some of my adult years. I’ve also lived in Bergen (childhood) and Tromsø (university).

List of publications

  • 2014 – Sprik
  • 2010 – Frikar, Tiden Norsk Forlag
  • 2008 – Framandkar, Publisher: Tiden Norsk Forlag
  • 2003-2008 15 erotic short stories in Cupido, a Norwegian erotic magazine
  • 1993-2007 Poems, prose and short stories in 7 anthologies total

Contact: tarald (at) gmail.com