Talking to the press

My book will be realeased this monday and the days are filled with interviews and planning. I don’t expect people to believe me when I say I’m not just happy for the attention, although it is true. I do like educating people about transsexualism and gender-issues, but it’s weired to see myself described in the words of the journalist instead of my own. After all, I’m used to to the writing and taking the decicions myself.

The reasons for doing it anyway is that I want to spread my book. I want people to buy it and read it and hopefully learn something. I also want to educate journalists and the people reading/watching/listening to the interviews, even if they won’t buy/read my book.

But sometimes I feel I’m trying to swallow camels. Especially when the form is very tabloid. I also have trouble not telling the things I should keep to myself. Keeping my daughter out of it is not that hard, but playing nice with the norwegian gender-clinic is very, very hard. After all, they are not, and have never been, nice to me. But the time has not come for that yet. They might deny me a diagnosis or treatment if I show my anger.

Let me tell you this: As a Norwegian citizen, there’s two systems you have good reasons to fear; the child service and the psychiatry. Both have very few limits as to how they can make a persons life miserable and they are usually above the law.

I guess I’ve already said too much.