True love: Ben Cuevas

I’ve fallen in love. Fortunately, it’s the polyamorous kind of love towards art. When you see something and it fits perfectly in your mind. Like an image of something you could not describe yourself. The picture of a thought that had no form – until now. It’s a wonderful feeling.

My first love was Marit Victoria Wulff Andreassen with her drawing «Morning glory», that made the cover of my first collection of poetry, Framandkar. Then came Magritte’s «Boudoir», Frida Kahlo’s «The broken Column» , Lenora Carrington, and Nicholas Hlobo.

Now I’ve found Ben Cuevas.

«For this project I sat nude in a men’s locker room and knit myself a jock strap,» he writes on his blog. I just have to love a man who comes up with the idea and actually does it! And it doesn’t harm the performance that he looks very good… He has also knitted some genitals that I find quite familiar.

And his answer to the question «Do contemporary artists have to be naked to show their truth? No, but it’s more fun if they are!» made me laugh out loud.

A life on stage

Yesterday I was part of a show at the House of Literature (Litteraturhuset/Literatur Haus) here in Oslo. I read a few of my new poems. They are funny and easy to read. The audience was nice and I got more praise afterwords than I’ve ever gotten before. My old poems tend to leave people confused and full of thoughts, and people often don’t know how to respond.  These new ones are different.

Last weekend, as I anounced here on the blog in Norwegian, Peterson Toscano visited Oslo. He is a comedian, actor and performance activist (among other things). As I helped him prepare for the show on Saturday, we talked about being on stage, how things cease to be personal once they become a text or part of a show. Les videre

Klar for London!

Jeg burde vært i seng, men der er altfor mye jeg burde gjort og jeg er altfor spent til å sove helt ennå. Om litt under 7 timer er det på tide å dra til flyplassen. Jeg gleder meg vilt til festivalen ejg er invitert på, Transfabulous!

På lørdag skal jeg altså snakke og lese dikt. Jeg har strevd en del med å oversette dikt fra Framandkar og skrive foredraget. Engelsken min kunne vært bedre, men jeg er overaska over hvor god den faktisk er. Nå blir utfordringa å snakke engelsk. Det har jeg vel ikke gjort siden Jeg hadde engelsk på skolen, siste gang i 1994. Heldigvis får jeg en del språktrening før det blir min tur, så det går nok greit.

Hele festivalen virker utrolig spennende og eksotisk. Samtidig er det litt skummelt å dra til en storby for før første gang. Altså, jeg har vært i storbyer før, men ikke i London. Komme jeg til å finne fram? Kommer jeg til å te meg som en skikkelig bonde i byen?

Nei, nå må jeg bestille taxi og sove. Natta!

Les mer på den engelske bloggen min.

Almost ready for Transfabulous!

I’m very excited! This weekend will be my first trip to London. I’m invited to keep a workshop (actually a speak and reading poetry) at this fabulous festival for transart. The title of my workshop is «My body is my logo», a quotation from Framandkar.

I’ve worked on translating a lot of my poems the past few days and realize that I should have done it a long time ago. As you may have discovered; I don’t write english flawlessly… I’m doing my best. Hopefully someone will see the need to make better translations and publish some of it in english. And actually, I’m doing better at the translations than I thought I’d do originally.

Les videre