Jeg har dilla på duppeditter. En sånn som må innom alle avdelingene når han er på Clas Ohlsson. Den nye telefonen min, Xperia x10 miniPro – den med tastatur altså, er derfor et funn med sin android-plattform og mengder av virituelle duppeditter. Men det er ikke det dette skal handle om.

Jeg har bestemt meg for å lage en liste over de programma jeg bruker til skriving, i tilfelle noen på jakt etter sånt skulle dumpe innom her. Alt er gratis.

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Help with structuring a collection of poetry – software?

I’ve been searchin the net for a long time without luck. So I’m hoping someone reading this blog have good ideas and recommendations. I am not sure if I need a dedicated software or just an application to Open Office.

What I need help with:

  • creating a list of short texts, preferably from the first line (my poems usually have no titles, usually don’t rhyme and is very short)
  • linked to the actual text
  • enable me to see a preview of the text (readable) without opening every document (if every poem has its own document) or use an extremely large letter size.
  • In the actual text I need to be able to format it like I do in Open Office or Word. The line spacing is especially important.
  • I would really love it if I also could tag my poems with themes and select every one with the same tag at once and move them.

I can’t find anything like that. It is possible that such a software do exist, maby made for another purpose, and that I just don’t realize that it can do the things I like it to. Please tell me!