A life on stage

Yesterday I was part of a show at the House of Literature (Litteraturhuset/Literatur Haus) here in Oslo. I read a few of my new poems. They are funny and easy to read. The audience was nice and I got more praise afterwords than I’ve ever gotten before. My old poems tend to leave people confused and full of thoughts, and people often don’t know how to respond.  These new ones are different.

Last weekend, as I anounced here on the blog in Norwegian, Peterson Toscano visited Oslo. He is a comedian, actor and performance activist (among other things). As I helped him prepare for the show on Saturday, we talked about being on stage, how things cease to be personal once they become a text or part of a show.

I love being on stage. When I get a microphone in my hand, I get a boost. I become this better version of myself. I’ve never been afraid of speaking in front of an audience. To me, people are easier to handle when they shut up and listen to me. I don’t need to get all the non-verbal communication, I don’t need to pay attention in the same exhausting way I have to in all other situations.

There have been moments when nothing in my life worked because I was depressed, but I could still do a reading, be on a stage. Sometimes I even wish I could live my whole life on a stage. I love to use my voice to breathe life into a text, to add that little extra that makes people stunned.

As with every other ability, my performance corresponds to how much I like what I’m doing. I’m used to hear that I read well. The audience tend to laugh in the right place, aplaude when I’m done (or even sometimes in between poems). It is a good circle: I love doing it -> I do it well -> people give me positive feedback -> I love it even more etc…

I would love to do other things than just reading or talking on a stage. I envy Peterson his ability to learn a text by heart and act. I would like to do performance or to sing with a band. I will make it happen some day!

2 tanker på “A life on stage

  1. Jeg må få lest diktene dine. Har bare lest de få jeg har funnet på nett i forbindelse med omtale av bøkene dine. Skal prøve på vårt utmerkede bibliotek. De siste, som du leste nå, er ikke utgittt?

    Gratulerer med vellykket opplesning!

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