An opening night

Last night I and some friends went to the opening of an art exhibition. The South African artist Nicholas Hlobo’s works can now be seen in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Oslo. I recommend it to everyone!

I tend to miss happenings like this, but after seeing this exhibition and the performances, I’ll do my best to attend more like it. It made a huge impact on me and I got very inspired. I don’t have any education in visual art. It is kind of a foreign land to me.

The gallery was sprouting with human desire, bodies in creation. Nicholas Hlobo’s work combine organic and non-organic, man made and natural, male and female, in a way that leaves you wondering if those concepts are meaningful at all. His art is beautiful and disturbing at the same time. That is how I want my poetry to be as well.

As a trangendered man, I felt a deep connection with Hlobo’s art. Some of his installations felt like depictions of my inner struggle or aspects of my past. Several of his work would fit very well on the cover of my books. That would probably be too expencive though. Luckily, inspiration is still free.

There are of course other aspects of his art that I didn’t pay enough attention to last night. I hope to return to the exhibition to get even more inspiration.

I had a little chat with the artist but didn’t get the chance to thank him for making thoughts and feelings visible through his art.

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