Love poems in translation

For Valentine’s Day I decided to post a few poems, from my last book, that I’ve translated to English. The translation is not finished and might be flawed. If you’d like to use them; feel free as long as you mention that I’m the author.


We grow
out of telephones
sprout in text messages
Grow closer by each night

One day we may
put this in words





I attach my words
to the paper
to prevent them from slipping out
between my lips

Here they will lie
and ripen
until you can lap them up




You’ve been here
Your smell is in my pillow
The feeling of your skin is
in my fingers
the heat from your inside
Left on my retina is the sight of you
shining out into the world




Each time we meet
you translate me
into a more beautiful language

I want to write with your words
poems that breathe
with your lungs

Letters you can caress
with your tongue, see them grow
to uppercase

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