My singing voice

I’m going to auditon for a choir on tuesday. So it was time for a reality check. Can I still sing?

I have thought about doing this for some time now and finally got to it. As you can hear, I’m still able to use my «old» female voice, but it’s more limited than it was. I think I still hit the notes and that it doesn’t sound too bad. What do you think?

This christmas, my mother said that my singing voice sounded better than the year before, more relaxed. I feel that way too. has a great article on the trans male singing voice. It suggests that starting on a low dose of testosterone is the best for the voice. That might be the reason I can still sing. I’ve now been on T for 2,5 years, most of the time on half the usual testogel dose. Fall 2010 I started Nebido injections and almost instantly felt all kinds of changes turning up speed.

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