Madonna and me

Here I would insert the non-existing picture of me and the pop star.

Years ago, before I started my transition, I wrote a blog post in Norwegian with this same title. I had just heard Madonna state that she was a gay man in a woman’s body. I had also heard Annie Lennox statement about being reincarnated in her next life with a penis.

Both these statements by well known musicians made an overwhelming impact on me. At the time I knew I was gay and that my body felt weired, but I had not yet taken any steps to transition. I felt very alone, very depressed. I thought I was the only one feeling this way about gender and sexuality. All the transmen I’d heard of was very masculine and straight. I did recognize that both statements were made with some irony, but they still made me happy. If Madonna and Annie Lennox could say things like this, why shouldn’t I?

Now I get to read a whole list of similar statements. I think it is wonderful! The list is missing Annie Lennox, btw. The article’ author sees theese statements as problematic, but also as a way of «queering the conversation». The article does have a point in that the statements can minimize the experiences of people like me, but I think it is more important how they can make people like me proud of who we are. I think these pop stars and actresses contribute to making our experiences valid to the mainstream.

If Madonna or any of the others do transition, I will be the first to applaud them. But it really doesn’t matter to me if the statements were heartfelt or just expressions of the double pressure female stars face. I still love to read/hear such words being presented in public, in the mainstream.

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