Happiness ruins blogging

Posted: lørdag 25 juli, 2009 by Tarald in Announcements, GLBT, My transition, Positive masculinity
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I really shoul blog more often. I have a lot to blog about – actually so much that it’s totally overwhelming to start. I’ve passed my one year on testosterone and will probably go to Thailand for surgery within a year. I have kind of a job – a very interesting transactivist-job. And I found a boyfriend – the most wonderful man on earth. No, I didn’t hit him in his head and drag him back to my cave. I am not that violent and I tried to be more subtile than my instincts told me to.

He has met my daughter and my parents (interesting sociological experiment, you know I love those). And it all went well. Did I say that he is the most wonderful person on earth? I did? Oh, well. Now you might see why I’m not blogging very much these days. To put it blunt: He fucks my brain out, not just literally. I have never been so in love with anyone, ever.

So I leave blogging for another time. Don’t hold your breath, but please step by once in a while.

  1. Jacky V. sier:

    Hey, that is great news that things are going so well for you! I’m very happy for you.

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