The wonderful Norwegian social security…

It is supposed to be the best in the world. I you get sick, you have the right to treatment and only have to pay little of it. If you pay most of the travel, you can choose hospital. Unless you have an illness that is rare. Then it is only possible to get treatment at one place. There might be just one doctor in the country who is allowed to treat you. So what if ze doesn’t want to treat you? Then you are screwed.

Private health services are increasing in Norway, but they are not allowed to treat transsexualism. If you get treatment, you get it from surgeons with less experience than in most countries, bacause Norway is a small one.

The social security will cover surgery if you have breast cancer and need new boobs. They will not cover removing what is left.

If your back hurts because of big breasts, you can get the surgery to reduce them covered, as long as there is still something left. If your back hurts because you are trying to hide your breasts bacause you want to be seen as the man you identify as, the surgery will not be covered. Unless you are one of the lucky ones who get along with the only doctor in Norway who is allowed to affirm manhood.

Today I’ve been on testosterone for five months. I will have a really hard time gettng the surgery that I need. I am just a poor writer. I guess I just have to trust the state lottery to win the fortune I need for surgery.

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