I’m loosing my ass

and I can’t say I miss it. This is apparently what they call «redistribution of fat». Although I can’t se where it has migrated to. My legs has grown wider, but it seems like that is mostly muscles. Don’t know where they come from, as I haven’t exercised. My hips are also loosing fat. My jeans are suddenly too big.

This is not what I had expected. FIrst of all I didn’t thinkt the redistribution would happen so soon after starting T. Second; I thought that my thighs and hips would redistribute themselves to my stommack, but it is not bigger than it was. I also expected my damned boobs to shrink. That has not happened so far.

Strange then, that the GID-clinic (with the monopoly…) warned me that i would have to loose weight before starting hormones. They also require that one must be on hormones one year before top surgery, because the testosterone supposedly would decrease the size of the breasts.

After the refusal of diagnosis and treatment there, I have no idea of when I will get any surgery. I have asked for a better justification and issued a formal complaint. Last week I got a copy of the reminding letter to the clinic. So this will take time. I assume that I will have to get my surgery in unconventional ways, but I’m not sure how yet.

1 tanke på “I’m loosing my ass

  1. LOL, yeah, I was surprised when it started happening so quickly, just like all the other changes that I was told: «Be patient». However, in my case, the fat is ALL going to my stomach!

    Good luck on yoru ongoing battle with the gender clinic.

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