The stench of testosterone

Posted: tirsdag 9 september, 2008 by Tarald in Announcements, My transition, Positive masculinity
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I sweat more than I used to, and it stinks.

  1. Ryan sier:

    Tell me about it.

    I stink like a teenage boy, and I have to wash my clothes after every wearing.

    😦 Its the major draw back of being a man I think.

  2. genderoutlaw sier:

    Hmm, can’t say that I’m experiencing this (yet?) I do sweat more and I smell different, but I don’t think it’s gotten to the point of stink.

    Related to this, you might get a kick out of genderkid’s post, Deodorant: gender in a bottle.

  3. genderkid sier:

    I sweat a lot, and I’m not even on T. Maybe I naturally produce a fair amount of testosterone? I don’t think it smells too bad, though (and I hope, if I go on T, it doesn’t get worse!).

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