3 months on T!

Time for the monthly update. I think this might be the last one, though. The changes just continues in the same path as the two previous months: Hair keeps growing on my stommack. Other things grow well too. My eyebrows are growing together.

I increased my dosage a month ago to full dose, 50 mg testogel each day. I don’t think the changes have speeded up bacause of it. It might even be a too high dosage for me.

New this month is that my facial hair is changing; getting stronger and darker, but just on the upper lip, on the sides. Shows that the testosterone is working and gives hope for the future, although I think it will take many years for me to grow a beard.

Also new, but not welcome, is the bleeding. With no expectation of a hysterectomi in near future, I almost hope that I’ve got something really bad that require removal of all internal female organs. I’m going to see a gynecologist probably next week. It is most likely that testosterone fucks up my hormone-contraception. The only reason to keep it in there is to avoid bleeding, so if that is not happening, then it probably would be best to remove it. Not looking forward to it!

I’ve asked my doctor to prescribe Nebido injections when my current prescription of testogel expires in ca. two months. I’m also trying to find out how I can get my mastectomy and hysterctomy.

Wish me good luck!

8 tanker på “3 months on T!

  1. A hysterectomy is not that bad. Much less painful than childbirth itself. I think you should have it done if you can. Never bleed again! Have it laprascopically. It’s very easy. Best of luck.

  2. Even though this post is ancient, I just wanna give you a heads up. Hormone contraception (pill, shot, etc) does NOT work if you are on testosterone, and may not work if you have a pre-existing hormone imbalance. Always use a condom!

  3. I’ve been rereading your old posts because I’ve just started testosterone gel and I wanted to know the experience of other guys who use gel (almost everyone is on injections).

    It seems like doctors in Argentina and in Norway follow similar rules: start on a low dose of gel, and eventually switch to Nebido (which doesn’t even exist in some countries like the US).

    And now that I’ve gone through the state’s gender clinic, I can really relate to your experience (public hospital doctors who have too much power, private doctors who cannot / will not work with trans patients). I hope both our countries can move towards more liberating policies.

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