First month on T

Posted: søndag 13 juli, 2008 by Tarald in My transition
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My first month on testosterone has been busy. I’ve not experienced very big changes, but small and important ones:

  • A little more body hair
  • A little more acne
  • Easier muscle building (although I haven’t been training, so the change could have been bigger)
  • First beard-like hair on my upper lip
  • Harder to speak in a high voice
  • Something is growing bigger 😉

No psychological changes, except maybe I’ve become a little more impulsive, but that doesn’t hurt. I feel more peaceful these days, but that might be because I reached my number one goal for the last two years; to get testosterone and start my physical transition.

  1. punkfairy sier:

    congrats dude, Im looking forward to host you for a whole week. You know, Immanuel and I are gonna be all over you asking silly questions! 😛

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