First week on T and my fellow T-mates

I noticed some changes today. I think it is happening really fast. I experienced increased acne few days after I started. My voice is pretty low to begin with, but today I noticed that I was unable to reach the higher tunes without a great deal of stress on my voice. I experienced a lowering of the voice during the first half of 2006. I did’t get my hormone levels checked, as I thought it was just a ever lasting cold. But now I wonder if that may have been some sort of high testo or just a mental effect of coming to terms with my gender identity. It might even be that when I allowed myself to be the man that I am for the first time, it sparked some weired changes in my hormone levels. I guess I’ll never find out for sure.

I also thought I noticed some increase in the hair growth on my stomack, where I apply the testogel, but that seems to be just imagination. Otherwise I would end up in fur before the end of summer. But the skin in my face is really changing, and not only because of acne. All my pores seems bigger.

Today I also got my first experience of what a male sex-drive might be like. Very strange. I’ve concidered myself as male in that respect for a long time, but today was different. I felt my whatever-you’d-like-to-call-it getting hard and everything happened faster than I’m used to. It has also grown a little bit, I think, but I’m not sure.

We are four transmen at WordPress starting T roughly at the same time:

Jacky started T may 26. Today he writes of his changes, including the sex-drive.

Ryan started T may 29.

Gender Outlaw started T april 2.

And me, june 5.

It’s kind of a similar feeling as I got the first time I met someone born the same day as me. Way cool!

We have different doses and brands. I believe I’m the only one on gel?

I’m 30 y.o., Gender Outlaw is 34, Jacky is 35 and Ryan is 22.

Ryan lives in Australia, I live in Norway, Jacky in Canada and so does Gender Outlaw.

7 tanker på “First week on T and my fellow T-mates

  1. 😀
    Its a bit of a surprise how quickly the changes happen, huh?

    Its also really cool going through it with other people at about the same time.

  2. Yeah, it is cool to share this experience, even though we don’t know each other live. (Until we hook up for that giant party in an old Romanian castle that Ryan and I are planning : )

    I was told so often to not be disappointed when it took weeks and weeks before anything happened so know I’m like . . .WTF?!?!?!

  3. I was also told things would take time. Especially to grow facial hair. And that might be right, but there is so many other changes. This is my first week and I’ve already noticed lots of changes.

    Of course we’ll meet at the Romanian castle 😉

  4. This is very cool….Ok my T start date was April 21…just seven weeks ago…so can I play too? lol I am 44yo. I am Candian, but live in California. Lets see changes…. The skin on my face is getting rougher and the peach fuzz that I have (norwegian decent) seems to be darkening. I am holding off shaving as my softer skin is something I want to hold on to for a while. My hips have lost about 2 inches and my chest and shoulder have expanded. I had top surgery already so my pecs are starting to pop out ( my partner loves that). The clitoris is larger and does become erect, but I dont seem to have the intense sex drive eevryone is talking about. I am on an anti-depressant so that may affect it. My voice is very endo says it will continue to change for about a year and a half…yikes…I ma beginning to sound like brenda vacarro or kathleen turner. I am still being called miss…which is odd as I was always called a boy prior to top surgery and T..go figure..anyway…keep me posted on the chnages. I am in for the castle as well.

  5. Oh, I will get my testo in december (hopefully)
    can I come with you to the romanian castle? Pleeeeaaase?

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