Almost ready for Transfabulous!

I’m very excited! This weekend will be my first trip to London. I’m invited to keep a workshop (actually a speak and reading poetry) at this fabulous festival for transart. The title of my workshop is «My body is my logo», a quotation from Framandkar.

I’ve worked on translating a lot of my poems the past few days and realize that I should have done it a long time ago. As you may have discovered; I don’t write english flawlessly… I’m doing my best. Hopefully someone will see the need to make better translations and publish some of it in english. And actually, I’m doing better at the translations than I thought I’d do originally.

The discription of my workshop:

3 – 5 «My body is my logo»: Transwritings – between therapy and public presentation

Tarold Stein's book coverPart1: Tarald Stein talks about writing from his own experience, the link between text and body, creating a body of words and how he’s been met as transman by friends, family, medical establishment and media. He will illustrate this with his own poems. Open for questions from the audience.

Part2: Open microphone for all transpoets and writers. Max. 6-10 performers, no more than 5 – mins each


See the rest of the program here. This is going to be a mind blowing experience to me! For the first time I will enter a world where I’m not the only crazy one. Actually, I expect to be one of the most boring people at the whole festival. I guess some variation will do me well. Just imagine being surrounded by transguys in all shapes, colours and styles! WOW! Kind of a scary thought.
I’ll post my speak and some poems here when I get back next week. And maybe I’ll manage to take some pictures with my cellphone.
I’m extremely proud to be invited to the festival!

2 tanker på “Almost ready for Transfabulous!

  1. Wow, that’s so exciting! I can’t wait to hear how it went. I’m sure you’ll be very well received.

    If you get a chance to see Lazlo Pearlman perform, he is amazing. And extremely nice too; try to talk to him if you get the chance. I got to meet him twice when he was in Montreal and his performance, energy and pride touched me SO much. In fact, I mention him in my latest blog post, «After the party».

  2. Tilbaketråkk: Klar for London! « Framandkar

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