I got my prescription in the mail today. I went right to a pharmacy and picked up my box filled with small packages of testogel. I’m the happiest man in the world!

Pictures can be seen at my norwegian blog.

16 tanker på “T-day!

  1. Great news, Tarald, congratulations!!!

    Did the box arrive just like it’s pictured, with «Testogel» printed on the outside of the box? The lack of privacy is a little odd.

  2. Hey Tarald!!! Congrats : ) Wow, we really are a brotherhood around here . . . a bunch of us are starting so close together: Genderoutlaw a couple of months ago, Ryan and I two weeks ago, you now . . .


    Have you started applying the gel yet? Is it every day?

  3. Tarald, how much are you supposed to administer on a daily basis?

    Is this your first encounter with T?

    I am asking because in my experience Testogel is mostly used for maintenance, not for the initial «flooding» when one is after the masculinization and blocking of estrogen.

    I apologize if my questions are inappropriate.


  4. Jacky: Thanks! Yeah, it’s really cool to know several people starting T so close together.
    I started on thursday, and yes, it’s applied every day. I plan on switching to injections after some time.

    Henric: The daily dosis is 25mg the first month and then 50 mg. It’s my first experience with T. Most FtM here in Norway (and in Sweden, I’ve heard) start on gel and move on to injections. We start low dosage and increase it. That’s not the case in other countries, after what I hear. The reason is to make sure the body can handle the stuff first. It also makes it possible to adjust the amount of T according to blood-tests so that it doesn’t get too high.

    No questions are inappropriate with me.

  5. I find it interesting that when you cross a national (or even a provincial) border, the administration of testosterone for FTMs is different. Each of us—GenderOutlaw, Ryan, Jacky and Tarald —are getting a slightly different T treatment. It will be interesting compare notes as the months progress!!

  6. Ok, Tarald I see – I started on injections (bi-weekly 250 mg/ml) but that was 13 years ago… just concerned, as I had heard that trans men in Norway and Denmark are given extremely low doses (a way for society to keep them oppressed I guess) – but it seems you are given a good dose, especially if it will be increased.

    Congratulations and good luck


  7. Thanks!

    Henric: I guess some guys feel that the initial dose is too small. I know some would prefer to get the shock-testo-treatment one can get elsewhere; high doses to get the changes kicking and then lower doses adjusted after a while. I’m ok with starting off low. After all I’ve been waiting two years to start T, and that is a much heavier way of oppression as I see it.

  8. I am on what’s generally considered a very low starting dose: 50mg twice a month. From what I understand, there are some medical reasons for starting low: 1) In some guys, high initial doses can actually slow the changes, and 2) there can be medical complications with high starting doses, such as thyroid problems. My endo will not prescribe more than 200mg twice a month as a maximum maintenance dose. There’s certainly a part of me that would like to amp it up a little and get this beard growing! Ah well, patience is a transman’s best friend. And like you Tarald, I’m just happy to be on T, even if it is a slow start.

  9. Interesting. I’ve read online and heard from my endo that high starting doses don’t necessarily lead to faster or more intense changes.

    Anyway, yeah, just being on T rocks : ) I had my third injection today and I feel great!!

  10. Oh, I agree, the time from initial contact with the medics to actually starting on T is way too long.

    I also agree that just being on T is great – it is at least a step in the right direction!

    Hugs to you and your readers from Sweden

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