I’m thinking about starting a new organisation, but beginning to have some doubts. My recent experiences with organisations are not good. That’s why I want to start a new one in the first place. But I’m starting to wonder if any organisation can be a positive experience. I’ve seen an organisation almost destroy the people who most believed in it’s good causes and did the most to achieve it’s goals. I’ve seen organisations refuse to listen to it’s memebers and be marginalized because of it. I’ve seen people dissapointed in organisations, I’ve seen it leading to isolation and depression. I’ve seen an organisation destroyed by roumors and personal disagreements turned into hate-campaigns. Right now, almost all the organisations I know have left nothing but despair in their trail. I don’t want to contribute to another personal or organisational disaster.

Will there always be hurtful fights that result in people loosing their energy and faith in people?

Is it possible to create a true democratic organisation that actually gets things done and not bury itself in boring paperwork?

I’m really not sure any longer. Maybe I’m better off on my own?

Can I change the world on my own?

I doubt it.

I want the world to change. I still want a better world for my daughter, for transpeople like myself, for all the people I love and care about. And I’ve never believed that anyone else will do it for me, at least not without me telling them how it could be.

I’ve worked through organisations all my life. I’ve learned how organisations work. There must have been some positive outcomes?

Through my involvement in organisations, I’ve met most of the people I know and care about, wonderful people. My life would be poor without them. I would not be who I am without them. Thinking of it this way, I become certain that there are more people out there like them, people that I won’t meet if I insist on being a one-man organisation with no bounds.

Am I able to work outside any organisation?

I’ve become used to depending on the variety of people’s skills. I know my strengths and weaknesses very well. I’m still amazed by how different people can be, and I’m still impressed by people knowing and mastering things that I don’t. I need them to be able to make a change.

I guess it’s no way around it; I’ll soon be ready to start all over again.

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