Reactions on telling my story so publicly

People often ask me what kind of reactions I’ve got after publishing my book and talking publicly about being trans. They seem to expect that I’ve gotten a lot of negative reactions, and seem sometimes disappointed when I tell them that the reactions have only been positive.

I’ve got comments from friends, aquintances, neighbours, strangers, my friends’ mothers, my family, parents in my daughter’s kindergarden, an old teacher of mine and so on. Some directly, some through friends, some by phone and some on my norwegian guestbook or blog. And they’ve all been very positive. A lot of them says I’m tough, but I don’t think I am. I’ve chosen to believe that most people are good until proven otherwise. I had to at some point, unless I wanted to go crazy. With that attitude, it’s not scary to talk publicly about taboos. Ant to be tough, I think you have to be afraid at first, before you overcome it.

Some years ago, there was an interview with me in one of the biggest tabloid newspapers in Norway. I was a «female» porn-writer and, because I’m quite proud of all my writing, saw no need to be anonymous. I did expect to get a few phone calls from people who didn’t see the difference between writing porn and being a sex-worker. I got one. And I almost felt sorry for the bastard.

People do tend to be better than most people think. Or maybe I’m just incredebly lucky?

2 tanker på “Reactions on telling my story so publicly

  1. I think that my problem is being involved with Christians from the (fundamentalist) Church. I’ve been getting some hell-negative reactions, to the point where every time I get a positive or neutral reaction to being trans I write an LJ post so I don’t forget about it.

    I wonder how much this has to do with my age. I am 22, but I look about 17. People seem to be incapable of believing that I am mature enough to make such *grave decisions* on my own behalf.

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