Posted: lørdag 5 april, 2008 by Tarald in Announcements
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I did a little more celebrating yesterday than I had planned on. The timing could have been better. I don’t feel like leaving my appartment feeling like this when my face is on the front page of the local newspaper. Bad timing. But it will pass. Unfortunately I should have been at the University to attend the creative writing class (the writer’s study). Shit happens.

But tonight I’m thowing a release-party for my book and I look forward to it. There will be lots of friends and aquintances. I’ll do some reading and then I’ll be ready to celebrate my book. It will be fun!

  1. Ray sier:

    hope the party went well!

  2. pKay sier:

    Hey there I am just some random from the ‘tag surfer’ on wordpress! Thought id comment to know that I visited..

    Anyhow all the best with your book :). I am sure it will do fine!!

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