God makes no mistakes – kind of a sermon

I usually avoid reading stuff that I know I’ll find repulsive, sick and frightening. I don’t think that’s unusual for any person. To make this post I felt forced to do some research.

I started out googleing the phrase «God makes no mistakes», because I’ve come across it several times in relation to transsexualism. I had the notion that it’s being used as an excuse for christians to judge transgender people.This is some of what I found: (WARNING: Do not click those links unless you are over the age of 18 and have access to valium or other sedatives)


“If you talk to your typical person across America, they would be appalled,” she said. “God made us male and female, and God makes no mistakes. To teach a child at an early age self-hatred, and that’s what this gender variance is, is very sad.” Andrea Lafferty, executive director of The Traditional Values CoalitionIn short, the argument is that transsexualism should not be cured, because it’s against God’s will. He supposedly created the body, but not the mind and soul. And these people don’t seem to care if the only other option is to kill oneself, although I thought that to be against God’s will as well?

Of course, there’s several problem with such an argument, the inhumanity already mentioned. Does God only create our bodies and not our minds and souls? Is He stuck in the middle ages or in the year his son was born on earth? Is He really evil?

I’ve never questioned God’s existance. I’ve been brought up in the Norwegian church with the notion that God loves everybody, that He is pure love and that He has not left us to our selves. And I’ve kept that conviction through some pretty dark years of my life. I did at some point question if He really is good. With all the people doing evil in His name, I have wondered if they might be right; maybe God really is evil. But they never managed to convince me.

I believe in a God who is pure love, a God who made the human race in His image to reflect His own magnitude and diversity, a God who knows so much more than we do – everything. We have no way of knowing for sure how He thinks.

To put oneself in a position to judge the moral and christianity of other humans and to think oneself able to lable other people’s faith as wrong, is to put oneself in the position of God. Jesus told us to recognize wrong teaching for it’s fruits. What would he make of the trace of suicides and grief that follow in the trace of so-called conservative christians?

God sent His son Jesus Christ to our earth to re-establish the broken link between us and God. The conservatives try to push people away from God because of who we are and who we love. For their own sake, I hope and pray that they have no idea of what they are doing and may be forgiven when they realize what they are doing.

I’ve listened to so many people struggeling with their faith in God after being told that God only loves the heterosexual or the single-sexed. They experience every day how «fellow christians» try to exclude them from the love of God and manage to take away their ability to experience christian fellowship. I can’t see how this could possibly be in line with the Bible or the word of Jesus.

And what about the Holy Spirit? I believe in it’s guidance in every person’s life. The Bible is after all written by men, who we can only hope were guided by the Holy Spirit. God has not abandoned His creation and continues to create through people guided by the Holy Spirit.

Conservative «christians» seem to put themselves in the position of God and to reduce God to make Him resemble themselves. They claim to believe in a God they cannot see, but reduces people to bodies and biology. In their trace grows only death and despair. To me, this comes very, very close to blasphemy.

Let’s go back to the phrase that God makes no mistakes. No, I don’t think He does. I’m certainly not a mistake. So my body and mind/soul got a little mixed up and does not fit our present notion of only two sexes/genders, and that these doesn’t change with time. I don’t blame God. If there’s one thing He could not be held responsible for, it’s how we arrange our societies. I also believe that I’m placed in this position because I have a mission: To spread the word of a loving, accepting God and to speak up for a powerless group so that His will can be done on earth as in heaven. I do not say that this goes for all transsexuals and trangendered out there. I do recognize that not everyone believe in God or that He has a plan for their lives. I also know that I have more resources than most in so many ways, and I believe they are given to me so that I can help others. And I will do my best, so help me God.

(Although I’ve used the pronomen «he» about God, I believe Him to be above the two-gender system of our world. As a female to male transsexual, I do prefer the male pronomen in an attempt to set up some positive models of masculinity.)

9 tanker på “God makes no mistakes – kind of a sermon

  1. I am a conservative Christian. Please don’t make the same mistake that some of my peers make and try to pigeonhole members of a group according to the beliefs and/or actions of a few. There is enough misunderstanding to go around. Conservative Christians can think for themselves, as evidenced by the flow of many over to the Obama camp in the current election. They just need to be educated about what transsexuality is and about the flaws in the anti-TS rhetoric. («As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.») They need to be shown how their approach to dealing with transsexuality truly is one of hateful judgements, which Jesus condemned.

    You know, since the fall of Adam and Eve, the world is not perfect. People are born with congenital diseases and deformities. Do these same people whom you call «the conservatives» believe in not helping them? The answer is a resounding «No! Help them.» So, the charge against those who condemn transsexuals for correcting their bodies reduces to simple, unambiguous, un-Christian bigotry.

    It is the same, tired, hate-filled attitude with virtually identical arguments that once kept blacks and women from being politically and socially equal in this country. I believe that once the courts are required to deal honestly with the issue of, «What is sex?» that antiquated laws and the refusal of states to recognize some types of marriage will be dealt with fairly quickly.

    Here is a website that I think is a huge help in dealing with the bigotry of some Christians:


    Btw, God self-identifies as male gender (not sex) in the Bible. I think that we need to respect His choice, just as we want Him and others to respect ours.

    Oh, and thank you for dealing with this issue from a loving and respectful perspective. 🙂

  2. Every ten minutes a child is born, 1/2500, in which the doctor cannot determine the sex, or gender. These children are Intersex; they are born into a life of not male or female. Likewise in similar fashion the Transsexual is identified with a Bioneurological congenital condition they too are locked into something not quite so clearly defined as male, or female. The best we can do is live as close to what we seem to believe we are. That may preclude the wants, and often ignorant and bigoted beliefs of others. In what case do we ignore this issue and abandon the children who now cannot hide? How can anyone continue in hate and prejudice so as to deny simple equality and justice? It is either time for change and understanding, or simply wheedle out the transgender element as inhuman and adopt the final solution as Hitler visualized? Not an easy thing to resolve, but one that is present and will not go away.

    I can appreciate another’s opinion, and the freedom to express same, But I would hope they would be with regard to the children, teens, and emerging adults, and all who are not so fortunate to have been born by someone’s idea of “normal.” Yet as a Conservative, Christian, Parent, and Transsexual, law should be equal for everyone, or it is not fit for anyone.

  3. Thanks for good comments on this topic. And especially to April Darling for providing a very interesting link and an important correction! I hope you both will return to my blog and post more comments, so I’ll be forced to confront my own prejustices.

    I’m very curious to what makes you identify as concervative? If it’s not about the right to judge other people morally – what could it be? I do ask this questions out of curiousity, but from a position of prejustice I want to confront. Maybe I’ll realize that I’m after all concervative myself?

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