The Women's liberation day

Last year on this day I wrote about why I wouldn’t celebrate it then. Although I’m not gonna celebrate it this year either, I think I’m ready to look at it from a little more distance.

March 8. is is no longer my day, or rather; it was never my day. Next year I’ll be a man walking in the parade to show solidarity with all the women in the world. I think I can do that even if I don’t understand how anyone could be happy as a woman or want to be one. Maybe I really need at least another year to reflect upon this.

I see womanhood as a prison I’m breaking out of. The women’s liberation day should be a reminder that most female bodied people have peace with their bodies and want to live their lives as women in a society that doesn’t treat them as less human than men. And that’s not unreasonable. You don’t have to understand other beings at an existential level to respect them.

And maybe it’s still my day in a way. I still, and always will, have a female past. And my body have all my life marked me as female. I think that’s the starting point for my new relation to this day. I’ll fight to make «woman» into a label that’s not beeing used as an excuse to treat people differently. I want to fight all kinds of biological determinism.

Next year I hope to return with a even more relaxed view at all this, and hopefully to say I participated in the march and other happenings.

Congratulations to all the women out there on the 8th of march!

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