My story in short

My transition from female to male started whith the realization that I’ve never been a woman. I’ve known that for many years without letting anyone know, and without realizing what it really meant for me to be «not a woman».

Two-three years ago i accepted that I am indeed a man. That makes me a transsexual man. I’ve never been a normal woman, and I’m not going to be a normal man. I’ve always needed to write and I like to stand out from the crowd.

The last one and a half year I’ve been to councelling at the «Gender Identity Disorder»-clinic to prove that I really am a man, so that they can give med the diagnose «transsexualism» and give me testosterone and surgery. I’m now awaiting my approval as a man, aka the diagnose.

To be continued…

2 tanker på “My story in short

  1. Hi Tarald! Nice site . . .I wish I could read the the non-English parts too! I will look at your poetry soon and link to your site.


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